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Kelly Milner Halls and Kris Dinnison Shout OUT! 


Thanks to everyone who was able to come and help out! It was a great workshop! It was a very intimate event. Kris shared the process she has gone through getting her first book published. Wow! The stamina authors must have! We were the first audience she has read any of her book to, so that was special. Kelly was awesome! And she said she didn't think she could fill up 2 hrs.! Ha! We didn't finish until 6:40! She pretty much told us her life story, which was fascinating. Her new book will be out Oct. 1 and she'll be at the WORD conference as a breakout session so we'll be one of the first audiences where she will have her new book in her hands!


This year's WORD Conference will be in Spokane at our very own

Gonzaga University! Oct. 18th 2014